“Flor, thank you very much! You definitely made this job EASY! As Project Manager, I sincerely appreciate your help and how you make it easy for our company to grow. I want you to know that your services have made managing these projects so easy for me and that I can’t thank you enough. Finding you and your company was truly a gift from heaven for us – and especially for me! Thank you again!”

Sharon O., Project Manager
Wireless Technology Company


“Ralf, you and Flor are simply the best and I tell anyone that’ll listen how great you two are. It’s so very rare that a business, without question, always does what they say they will do. It’s been an honor and a privilege to do business with MFS and I will be forever grateful for your services. You’ve done more for me than you possibly could imagine and it’s a sincere comfort to know you’re always there. You are two of the best people I’ve ever done business with and I cannot speak to your attributes, benefits, and outstanding business practices enough. I will use your services until one of us retires.”

Bruce K., President
Private Investigation Company


“Ralf, as I am definitely aware of your reputation in the industry, I consider it an honor to work with you. You guys have consistently proven that not only does the customer come first, but that you take great pains to help people like myself get going in the business!”

Robert N., CPA


“I want to extend our appreciation over this past year for the assistance MFS has provided our company and how you have helped us to double our workload and increase our revenue. We are only able to handle this workload because of factoring, and having our invoices factored has made a big difference for us. We were supposed to go on vacation next week but we are so busy that I had to cancel it. Next year we will be even busier, and we are looking forward to another year of expansion with the help of MFS.”

Jami C., President
Private Investigation Company


“I wanted to thank you again for your generous offer to help with that national association project. I know that you are just a phone call or email away if I need help – and I appreciate that so much! You give me the courage to talk to clients/prospects with confidence that we will find a way to help. Thank you!”

Peggy A., Consultant


I am a designer of fashion clothing. In my business, I need financing to cover my production cost and to provide liquidity while waiting for the payments from my customers. Purchase Order funding and Factoring are ideal tools for me, as they allow me to run my business with sufficient working capital, yet without having the burden of additional fixed costs that a traditional loan repayment typically represents.

A friend, who was very happy with their personal touch, referred me to MFS. I was having difficulties with my existing Factor, and MFS jumped right in and made it happen for me.

At the first meeting with MFS, I was already very happy with the one-on-one care I received. From the beginning, I felt that MFS truly cared, was concerned with my circumstances, and very thoughtful of solutions to meet my needs. I was completely convinced that they were the financial partner I needed – and I haven’t changed my mind since.

The fact that there is no red tape makes them better than their competitors. Your solution is provided quickly, and you can sense a dedicated partner is working with you to provide the right solutions to whatever financial needs you have.

Before MFS, while working with my previous Factor, I was frustrated that I had to wait until my contact person came back in, my request got reviewed, etc. It was a lengthy process. MFS say what they can do and what they can’t do right away.

One of the key benefits I get from working with them is their personal touch. It’s almost like having a financial advisor and partner on speed dial. In business today, this is what separates a successful company from the rest. It is the security of knowing your financial challenges are minimized. We can now focus on what we do best – designing clothes.

Before MFS, I spent days and weeks trying to find and allocate funding for a specific project, now I am simply selling. My productivity is up, with fewer people on the payroll. I am forecasting and working on future sales rather than working in the present with limited resources.

These benefits to me are priceless! Without MFS, we might still be waiting for an answer, instead of trying to find more manufacturers to handle our expansion.

My experience with their services is best described in one word: excellent. This is true. I am truly overjoyed and thankful. I almost have to pinch myself, because I can’t believe that this type of service was available to a small business like me.

Ralf and Flor are very friendly, caring, and simply good-hearted people who truly share your joys and excitement. One might perhaps describe the typical finance people as mean, unemotional, and uncaring to your concerns. This was passed off as business attitude. However, the people at MFS are the opposite, and the job is still accomplished, yet with a fun spirit. I am enjoying my business a lot more due to this.

Because of the successful experience I’ve had, I would absolutely recommend MFS to other business owners. MFS will get the job done and then look at ways on helping you improve your business. What other bank out there does this?

My pledge to MFS: Do not lose the personal touch. This is priceless, and every business wants to be treated as if their interests were important. In this day, too many conventional banks treat businesses as numbers; there is no personal touch anymore. You have it, don’t lose it.

Chris E., President
Clothing Design Company


“When we decided to start our own business, our idea was to focus on the transportation and set-up of mobile offices, school portables, containers, and the like throughout all of Florida with a clear commitment to customer service excellence at very competitive rates.

Having worked in this line of business for years, we thought we had almost everything we needed to start our own business: industry experience, the right contacts, and the right business concept coupled with determination, and commitment – but like many other new companies, we were short on working capital.

After numerous phone calls, we were directed to S.C.O.R.E., who discussed our business idea with us and asked for a business plan. Two weeks later, we reviewed our plan with them and they referred us to Multiple Funding Solutions, Inc.

We made an appointment and met with their President and their CEO. The meeting was intense but productive and focused on our business idea and plan. They decided to take us on as their client, and the work began immediately. They did more research on our industry and the competitive landscape, helped us finalize our business and pricing strategy, and ran projections of cash flow, sales, profits, annual growth, and market share development. When they were done with our business plan, it was not only ready for presentation to a potential lender, but it also became our roadmap for short- to mid-term business strategy and tactics.

While the plan was being finalized, MFS also researched and identified the type of loan and lender that best met our initial capitalization needs. Together with MFS, we met with the lender and presented our business plan. It was a wonderful process. The team at the lending company was extremely helpful and found exceptionally creative solutions to help us collateralize our loan. MFS’ Factoring program was accepted as security to guarantee the timely loan repayments.

The result: Within 4 months from when we first decided to become entrepreneurs, we closed on the start-up loan and began operations of our first own business.

We have used MFS’ Factoring program right from day one, not only as a guarantee for the lender, but furthermore to ensure a steady and predictable cash flow in our business.

Since MFS made our loan payments and took care of all our invoicing, we were able to focus more on our business and our customers. We didn’t have to worry about late loan repayments, or chase late invoices, and we always had the cash flow to run and grow our business. Factoring is a terrific concept full of rewards.

The people at MFS are down-to-earth, yet highly professional, and made our dream come true. From the moment we met them, we knew and felt they could help us make it happen. They said what they would do, and did what they said. We followed their advice and recommendations, did exactly what they said, and there we were. Our first 3 months in business exceeded our revenue expectations, and due to our Factoring program, we were cash-positive right from the start. We will be thankful to MFS for the rest of our lives.

Without MFS’ expertise and contacts, we would not have come across the right loan program and lender and might still be looking and struggling for start-up capital. It was very encouraging to experience firsthand what the combined efforts of such fine professionals can achieve. It was really a dream come true.”

Claudia G., President
Transportation & Installation Services


“Ralf, I would like to take a moment today to express my sincere gratitude for providing your financial analysis, advice, and help to my company, when the banks would not. As you know, for a new, small company, it is difficult at times to keep a positive cash flow, and unfortunately, young companies are typically not attractive to banks for business loans. But you guys made it all work for me!

As a software developer, I had never heard of Accounts Receivable financing or factoring before you and I talked. I never thought there would be another way to finance my company other than through banks, using personal savings, or asking family members to help out. But your factoring program has helped me get through tough times when money was tight, and it is now instrumental in helping me grow my business.

I now have peace of mind, knowing that I can stay cash positive, pay all my bills on time, and have all the working capital I need to sell my services and software. I can now even land “a big deal” without having to worry about the necessary funds to complete the project.

In short, you guys have helped when help was needed and given my company the financial ability to grow and become successful. I can now provide services and have money today, without having to wait for my customers to pay.

You guys are simply phenomenal! Your programs are great, your professionalism and service are outstanding, and working with you is very pleasant. Thank you!”

Robert V., President
Software Development


“As an independent financial consultant, I constantly come across many businesses in need of money. While investigating different financing options for a project in Louisiana, a highly respected individual in our industry referred me to MFS.

When I first met with them, my impression was very positive. I was immediately impressed with their professionalism combined with their warm approach and flexibility. I felt that these were the people who I could work with and who could help. This impression has intensified over time.

As a small company, MFS is able and willing to give sufficient time to details. They return phone calls, don’t trivialize smaller projects, and are willing to educate. Larger companies have so many things going on that it is difficult to be a priority when it comes to smaller projects.

With MFS, I have confidence in my ongoing relationship with them, as more projects keep coming in the future. This is very important, because trust is crucial. They have shown interest in me and my business, which I appreciate.

I would recommend MFS to anybody, because their people are very personable, competent, and trustworthy. And most importantly, they are very easy to work with and will be very flexible in providing or finding a funding solution. Best of all, you always get a great expresso at their place.”

Gerrie K.
Financial Consultant


“As a provider of business loans to small companies, I was first contacted by MFS during their search for a lender who could offer a loan too small for most bankers to take interest in. I was most impressed with the fact that the company owners were concerned enough about how to assist a small business owner that they personally contacted us and traveled to meet with us one-on-one.

I remain very impressed by the commitment MFS makes to every prospect I refer to them. They inject fresh creativity, expertise, and integrity into seemingly impossible situations – exploring every possible solution to meet the needs of the business owner. They really put themselves in the shoes of each client. It is truly a pleasure to collaborate with a company whose principals are as “principled” as I have known them to be.

The fact that I haven’t worked with anyone else speaks most strongly on behalf of MFS. They complement our lending services by providing entrepreneurs with alternative funding they may not be able to access elsewhere.

MFS’ services have enhanced our own program by providing education, training, assistance with business plan preparation, and access to professional business consultation services.

My experience so far has been very positive. Ralf and Flor have been very supportive of the programs and services delivered by my department.

They are personable and professional. They are patient with new business owners, assisting and encouraging them as they venture out, and ensuring them that MFS is a company they can rely on. Their approach to servicing the business as well as the individual builds confidence in the business owner, which translates into a solid foundation for business success.

I have been very satisfied working with MFS, and I highly recommend them to others. Ralf and Flor assist entrepreneurs with evaluating the pros and cons of their funding options and present solid choices for clients to consider.

In our line of work, it is very important that we maintain client confidentiality, and demonstrate integrity in character. I am pleased to say that in my observations and interactions with the principals at MFS, these qualities are consistently portrayed.

In my opinion, MFS is a highly reputable company – by design – not by default. Flor and Ralf understand the critical nature of their work and carry it out with professionalism, honor, and integrity.

Their presentations to participants in our programs, their input with prospective borrowers, their follow-through, and follow-up on commitments to clients with whom we have interacted make it a professional and personal delight to have them as colleagues. The only way I can think of for MFS to improve the quality of their services to us is to clone themselves!”

Mary S., Vice President
SBA sponsored Micro-Loan Provider


As a Counselor with S.C.O.R.E. (Service Corps of Retired Executives), a SBA sponsored non-profit organization, I meet a lot of people who are seeking advice on how to build and capitalize their own business. We work hard to find the right answers and the best solutions for them. Finding the right financial solution is not easy sometimes, because of the adverse conditions that may exist. In some cases, the applicants may qualify for favorable SBA loans, yet in others, they do not.

When I first met MFS, I was impressed, but cautious. But what raised my particular interest in MFS was the fact that they were willing to work with people who had little or no collateral but had a solid business opportunity.

Now – about half a year later – I am still very impressed, no longer cautious, and fully willing to send prospective clients to MFS. One of the reasons I’m working with them is simple: They are more creative in their solutions. Their services are thorough, comprehensive, and fitting, and their people are bright, caring, and willing to go the extra mile or two.

Overall, I am very happy and satisfied with MFS and recommend them to others; because one of the most important things about MFS is that they listen and will find a way, if there is a way.

Bruce B., Counselor